AISE_200The International Association for Soaps, Detergents and  Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.) is an official body representing the industry in Europe. Its members are 37 associations from 42 countries, comprising almost 900 companies – from big international ones to small and medium enterprises operating in the industrial and institutional sectors and on the consumer market.

This Association has its headquarters in Brussels. It also includes 10 member companies selling their products in Europe.

The International Association A.I.S.E. is active in numerous fields due to voluntary initiatives of companies involved in the industry problems and other socio-economical activities. For many years, the industry has been effectively and impartially cooperating with the stakeholders, organizing various undertakings concerning health and environment protection.

More information about A.I.S.E. is available at www.aise.eu.

An association representing detergent and homecare products manufacturers in Poland is the Polish Association of Cosmetics and Detergent Industry. Our member companies are entitled to significant reductions of DetNet fees.

Member Brands of the Association