What do we do?

What do we do?

We are the only organization in Poland which takes advantage of the synergy between the cosmetic industry and home care products, including biobidal products and aerosols. Me monitor and participate in the legal processes, acting as an expert witness to represent organisations and protect their business.

After consultations with the Member Companies, we prepare the opinions on the key issues important to the cosmetic and detergent industries – the Position of the Association. These opinions are then put forward as recommendations to the Polish Government, the European Commission and the European Parliament – institutions having a direct impact on the legislative processes and the final shape of the legislation.

Our areas of activity include:

  • cosmetics
  • detergents
  • biocidal products
  • aerosols
  • packaging and wastes
  • raw materials for cosmetic and detergent production
  • other aspects of production and trade important for the Members (e. g. excise duty)

We encourage our Members to take an active part in the Association’s Working Group forums.

Member Brands of the Association