National Chamber of Commerce

National Chamber of Commerce

KIG-logoThe National Chamber of Commerce (PCC) is the biggest independent business organization in Poland. In 2015, it celebrated its 25-year jubilee. PCC represents the biggest number of entrepreneurs, bringing together over 150 business organizations. It promotes social responsibility of business. The companies that are the most socially responsible are awarded in the program “Fair Play Enterprise”.

The National Chamber of Commerce takes care of Polish entrepreneurs on the international arena. PCC is a member of Eurochambres and the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. PCC has signed cooperation agreements with the majority of national chambers of commerce in the world. By taking a chair of Vice President of Eurochambers in 2008, the President of PCC, Mr. Andrzej Arendarski enforced PCC’s position in the European arena.

The National Chamber of Commerce acts in favour of building the good image of Poland and Polish companies in the world. It organizes international exhibitions during Expo (Hannover, Aichi) and the national displays of our entrepreneurs all around the world. The Polish Association of Cosmetics and Detergent Industry is a member of PCC.

More information on PCC is available at: www.kig.pl

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