Cosmetics Europe

Cosmetics Europe

logo CECosmetics Europe is a European association with over 50-year experience. It represents over 4000 companies and national associations of different sizes acting in the cosmetics sector.

The experts of Cosmetics Europe are trustworthy partners, whose opinions and recommendations are listened to by the European Parliament and the European Commission. In this way, Cosmetics Europe affects the legislation and the conditions of doing business for all entrepreneurs manufacturing cosmetic products and launching them onto the European markets.

As a member of Cosmetics Europe, the Polish Association of Cosmetics and Detergent Industry becomes an active participant of the legislative process. Our voice is the voice of the Polish cosmetics industry and the member companies. The experts of Cosmetics Europe can be met at conferences and trainings organized by our Associations.

More information about Cosmetics Europe is available at: www.cosmeticseurope.eu

Member Brands of the Association