Working Groups

Working Groups

What is the Role of a Working Group?

In order to promote and protect the industries it represents, the Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry has appointed four main Working Groups:

  • Cosmetic’s Working Group
  • Detergent’s Working Group
  • Aerosol’s Working Group
  • Communication Working Group

In addition to this, the Association is also appointing the following subgroups to focus on specific projects:

  • the safety assessment of cosmetics
  • marketing declarations in cosmetics
  • excise duty
  • the concentration of washing powder
  • the Cleanright project
  • the fruit picture on the detergent labelling

The work of the groups is coordinated by the Association’s experts. The regular meetings provide participants with up-to-date knowledge. This is also an opportunity to exchange information with other Members.

The aim of the Working Groups is to develop a joint position of the industry on a given matter which is presented on behalf of the Member Companies to the Polish and European legislators. In this way, we are acting on the new law and the business environment in the cosmetic and detergent sectors.

The Association’s voice is the combined voice of all our Members.

The Working Group forums also provide an important platform for the exchange information, experiences and observations on key issues.

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