The Association’s Positions

The Association’s Positions

The Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry follows the on-going as well as future changes in legislation, consults with Member Companies and on that basis prepares the Association’s position.

The position is based on the opinions of Members regarding key issues for the cosmetic and detergent sectors, including aspects related to the production and distribution: ingredients, legal questions, comments on legislative proposals and other matters.

The position acts as a joint voice for the Polish industry and its stakeholders to:

  • Polish government, government agencies and the enforcement authorities
  • The European Commission and European Parliament

We are able to express our opinions in the locations where both Polish and European legislation is created.

The Association’s positions are accessible to all  Member Companies, either at the Association’s office or on the  website: www.kosmetyki-detergenty.pl (log-in required).

Member Brands of the Association