Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

The Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry acts in favour of the member companies every day. As our member, you will enjoy:

  • one-to-one consultations with our experts
  • up to date information on any changes in the legal regulations concerning the cosmetics and detergent industry in Poland and Europe
  • assistance in crisis situations
  • support in the face of unjustified restrictions
  • subsidised rates to participate in conferences and training events organised by the Association
  • opportunity to obtain Free Sale Certificates (FSC)
  • attractive discounts in the DetNet fees
  • access to the full content of www.kosmetyki-detergenty.pl

Technologists, employees responsible for legal compliance, managers of quality control departments, so as R&D or the department of implementation benefit from the membership the most, as they are facing different problems, which are difficult to solve within the company without external help.

Each change of the regulation requires a proper interpretation. Our experts will be of any help providing you with individual consultation. In this way we support our Members in their day-to-day activities and duties.

The Association, on behalf of its Members, continues efforts aimed at extending the transitional period, to help business to adapt their companies for the upcoming changes.


Monika Bacia, Camino

A membership on the Association gives access to knowledge on the Polish and EU regulations. We are regularly informed about the actual legislative changes as well as the planned proposals. We cannot afford to employ a person whose task it would be to follow all the trends in the legislation. As members of the Association, we obviously have a bigger chance to prepare for any changes or adjust to the regulations.

Sławomir Chlebus, Henkel

Even for big companies, the Association is the best condensed source of all legal information – both coming from Brussels and including different kinds of supplements resulting from the Polish law and the authorities’ interpretations. The Association is the best forum to lead discussions with competent persons representing relevant institutions.

Ewa Drozd, Unilever

The Association is very helpful as it gives us a direct contact with the authorities. It helps us find out the appropriate interpretations of particular regulations as well as efficiently navigate the legal acts.

Hanna Jabłońska, Colgate-Palmolive

Companies should associate and have a joint representation since all of us have the same aims and it is easier to talk with the authorities as a group than as a single entity.

Magdalena Krulikowska, Henkel

An advantage of belonging to the Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry is meetings during which we are informed how the legal regulations are going to change. Creating a new product or a new label requires months of work, and the moment a given regulation appears on the market, we sometimes have very short transition periods and very little time to adjust to these regulations. It is worth knowing them earlier.

Elżbieta Kwestarz – Tarczyńska, S.C. Johnson

Preparing for the implementation of difficult legislative regulations we follow the Association’s guidance. They are an excellent source of knowledge. The key activities are: exchange of information, working groups, meetings, problem discussions – it is the main task of the Association.

Piotr Pakuła, Colyfine

I want to stay up-to-date with the EU legislation and all the issues that concern every entrepreneur. I want to know how to move around the international markets. As such information is always available for me at the Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry.

Iwona Poniatowska – Banaszek, INCO GROUP

The benefits from the membership in the Association include access to the up-to-date knowledge and all the interpretations. Besides which, we know that we can always seek help there in crisis situations. It is sometimes difficult to act as a single company; you can get much more, acting together with the Association.

Marek Szczęsny, AVON Operations Sp. z o.o.

The Association helps us to change the shape of legislation which is advantageous for the whole cosmetic and detergent industry. And later that affects the opportunities or operating for our company. I cannot imagine operating without them.

Małgorzata Wadzińska, Procter & Gamble

The Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry participates in the legislative process in Poland and the European Union. As its member, we can forward our comments, observations and proposals from the Polish market to the Polish authorities and, further afield to the European Commission. In this way, we create the law together.


Andrzej Kalski, PhD., Bureau for Chemical Substances

The Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry is one of the best partners for cooperation. Firstly – they are able to listen, secondly – they use tips, thirdly – we take advantage of the experience of the Association. No other association works with us in such a scope.

Member Brands of the Association