Mission & objectives

Mission & objectives


The mission of the Association is to promote, develop and protect the interests of cosmetic and detergent companies in Poland by creating a favourable environment for them to operate in.


The objectives of the activity of the Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry are to:

  • provide Members with the prompt information necessary for the proper execution of legal and administrative obligations
  • develop regular contacts and opportunities to exchange information among Members, the Polish and the European authorities as well as other institutions
  • represent the Members in relationships with the state administration, the media and any other relevant stakeholders both in Poland and the European Union
  • represent the opinions and views of the Association’s Members to the competent authorities
  • remove any unjustified restrictions imposed on the industry
  • promote high quality standards and best practice within the cosmetic and detergent industry
  • provide immediate support in the case of a crisis situation

Our particular focus is to:

  • provide our Members with support based on the expert analysis of the issues reported by them
  • facilitate the day to day work of the employees of the Member companies
  • protect the Members against unjustified inconveniences, e.g. a sudden necessity to withdraw a product from the market, changes of product labelling or formulation

Member Brands of the Association