What can we do for You?

What can we do for You?

To support our Members we can:

  • access cosmetic legislation knowledge through the membership in Cosmetics Europe
  • as a member of A.I.S.E. we can offer insight into current legislation on detergents
  • access the up-to-date information on the legislation regarding biocidal legislation through membership of the Association in the A.I.S.E. working group on biocidal products
  • direct access to the knowledge on the current legislation concerning aerosols though the membership in FEA

While participating in meetings, discussions and consultations, we have insight into any significant potential changes of legislation and any issues that need special consideration. Member companies are given full access to this.

This is also a great opportunity to present the position of the Polish cosmetic and detergent industry to international organizations such as to the European Commission.

Proactively Influencing Legislation

  • We work closely with related authorities including:
    the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate,
    the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices, and Biocidal Products,
    Ministry of Development,
    Ministry of Environment,
    Ministry of Health,
    Ministry of Finance,
    the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection,
    Bureau for Chemical Substances
  • We have a real impact on new legislation which concerns the  cosmetics, detergents, biocidal products and aerosols through the participation of the Association in the actions taken by The European Commission, Cosmetics Europe, A.I.S.E and FEA
  • By representing the opinions of our Member Companies we are able to understand the issues  most important for cosmetic, detergent, biocidal so as aerosol industry and can forward them to the relevant Polish and European authorities

Member Brands of the Association